When it comes to blogging online you don’t have to automatically go with a WordPress blog, even though most experts in the industry are quick to expound its virtues. Depending on your approach and the specific demographic you’re looking to service, you might like to consider other options. For example, a large number of organisations recently have decided to choose a Tumblr blogging platform, even though by general consensus it doesn’t have the flair or the inherent capability of its more mature WordPress cousin.

In fact, Tumblr is more of a hybrid, in a manner of speaking. Anyone who signs up for the service can gather together a listing of followed blogs within what is effectively a dashboard. This is something similar to the typical newsfeed page that we are all familiar with on Facebook. Here, you get a collection of the latest news from all the blogs that you sign up for, gathered together into an easily viewed list. The dashboard feature is what many online marketers find to be attractive. It allows organisations to post commercial offers such as coupons without being seen to be obtrusive.

Tumblr appears to attract a particular type of demographic. More than 50% of monthly visitors to the platform are in the up to 34 age group, almost evenly split between male and female. This can be a very profitable demographic as we know and thus if you have a business approach that’s tailored toward this market, Tumblr should certainly be a consideration alongside other social media initiatives.

Evidently, more than 25 million people visit Tumblr to access the various blogs within their personal dashboards. Remember that Tumblr blogs are all hosted at the parent site and unlike WordPress, for example, cannot be self-hosted. Furthermore, there is a limit to how much you can manipulate the look and feel of your blog pages and there’s definitely a difference between this platform and the other, more established programmes when it comes to configuration.

Another statistic may be of interest according to your particular business model. The company tells us that more than 7 million of the 14 million daily posts are centred on imagery, rather than text. We should all know by now that graphics and videos represent the most appealing type of content these days and according to feedback from Tumblr, these image-based content posts get the most traffic and bookmarking.

Tumblr may not be for every business and may not represent a sophisticated blogging platform for those who have a somewhat serious story to tell. However, it’s worth investigating if you’re able to spread your message by using more dynamic forms of media. Just as Twitter has proven to be successful by adopting a simple approach, Tumblr may have found another niche by being something of a cross between micro-blogging and social media sites.

If you do make the decision to jump on board this bandwagon, remember that regular and consistent interaction is required and this is again an ideal task for your virtual assistant.

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