Book Review: Business Networking – How To Use The Power Of Online And Offline Networking For Business Success by Heather Townsend

Loved this book! So easy to read and very clearly written. The book was especially appealing as Heather Townsend looks at both online and offline networking (including blogging).

The book is written in such a way that the reader can either dip in and out or read from cover to cover. The action points at the end of each chapter were especially helpful allowing me to put into practice what I had read.

Heather provides advice in relation to writing a networking action plan, helpful in itself but doubly helpful that she guides the reader to a downloadable worksheet on her website, Joined Up Networking.

Being fairly au fait with online networking, offline networking somewhat eludes me. One of the most daunting tasks I find when offline networking is the 60 second elevator pitch. Heather goes into detail as to what should go into a pitch coupled with some excellent case studies. Having read the book and perfected my elevator pitch, I feel much more confident attending offline networking events.

All in all the book is a great read. Even if you have experience of both online and offline networking, there is something in this book for everyone.

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