Today Facebook changed its page feature functionality. What does that mean to you?

If you already have a Facebook page then it’s easy to activate by selecting Account / Use Facebook As Page / Switch / Upgrade to your Facebook page and you’re in… you are are now using Facebook as your page which means, wait for it, THAT YOU CAN POST ON OTHER PROFILES AS YOUR PAGE.  That’s a biggie – think of the marketing opportunities this brings.  And you can also post as your personal profile on your business page by selecting Use Facebook as [your name] (select from the right hand side) and post a comment on your page. Magic!

The tabs that used to lie horizontally at the top of the page are now on the left.  Another biggie is that if anyone comments on your page you’ll receive an instant notification (so no excuse for not replying to those comments…) and if you click on Home it takes you to your very own page news feed (which works exactly the same way as for your personal news feed page).

There’s also the added feature of ‘Insights’ which provides data of Users and Interactions which you can drill down into even further for more detailed information such as daily story feedback, page post data and daily page activity and there’s also some very insightful demographic data.

To switch back to your personal profile click Account / Switch back to.

So take the plunge and let me know what you think.

If you have a business and do not have a business page please contact us or call us on 01279 882588 for further information on our Facebook page service.

Creative Commons License photo credit: europeanpeoplesparty

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